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Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It has been the capital of historical China since the foundation of the Qing dynasty in 1644, with the exception of the period 1928-1949, when Nanjing was the capital.

Beijing, along with Luoyang, Nanjing and Xi'an, is one of the four historical capitals of China. With a population of 21.9 million (2020 census)[1] it is one of the largest cities in the world, but Shanghai is larger in China. Beijing is seen as the most important center for governance, education and culture. In addition, it is an important hub for various forms of transport with many railways and

highways. Together with Chongqing, Shanghai and Tianjin, Beijing is one of four Chinese city provinces that have the same status as a Chinese province. Beijing metropolitan province is completely surrounded by Hebei province, except in the southeast, where Beijing borders Tianjin metropolitan province.

Beijing has a warm continental climate with short but icy winters. This is partly because cold winds blow from Siberia. Spring starts early and a hot summer with peaks above 40°c is no exception.

The population of Beijing Municipality is 21.54 million according to the 2018 census. The 2000 figures showed nearly 15 million legal and an unknown number of illegal residents, local expert estimates then ranged from 16 to 18 million inhabitants. The definition of Beijing resident is related to people who legally reside in Beijing for six or more months per year. In 2000, 12 million people lived in urban areas, the rest live in rural areas. At that time, 11.6 million permanent residence permits (hukou) had been issued by the government. The rest of the legal residents have temporary residence papers.

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